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PowerChumby Version 1.0

PowerChumby consists of a cgi script that must be installed on your chumby along with a PowerShell module that gets installed on your Windows computer.

1) Copy the contents of \usb to the root of a usb drive
2) Plug the USB drive into your chumby
3) Power on your chumby

If you already have a debugchumby file on your usb drive you can copy just the powerchumby.cgi file and modify your existing debugchumby file to include the following three lines:

cd /mnt/usb

cp -f powerchumby.cgi /psp/cgi-bin/

chmod +x /psp/cgi-bin/powerchumby.cgi

Copy the contents of \PSModule to one of your modules directories. If you are unsure of the location of your module directories you can find out by running the following within a PowerShell window:

For example, if you want to use C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\ you would end up with two files (PowerChumby.psd1 and PowerChumby.psm1) in a directory called:

After the module is installed you can import the module into your session with the following command:
Import-Module PowerChumby

You may add the above line to your profile if you would like the module to load every time you load PowerShell.

You can explore the available commands by running:
Get-Command -module PowerChumby

Each of the cmdlets has full inline help available

Get-Help Get-Chumby -Full

The best way to work with the cmdlets is to load the return of Get-Chumby into a variable and then pipe the variable into the other PowerChumby cmdlets. Here's an example of some things to try to get you started:

$chumby = Get-chumby # You can also load this in your profile
$chumby |Start-ChumbyMusic
$chumby |Set-ChumbyMute
$chumby |Set-ChumbyMute -Off
$chumby |Set-ChumbyVolume 50
$chumby |Set-ChumbyWidget -Next
$chumby |Set-ChumbyChannel News
$chumby |Set-ChumbyWidget Twitter
$chumby |Stop-ChumbyMusic
$chumby |Set-ChumbyNightMode

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